Pop Coffee Comics is an artful celebration of good humor, absurdity, positive energy, and –of course– coffee.

Illustrator Shawn Joseph first started doodling cartoon cup characters while working for a coffee-loving design agency in Portland, Oregon. A few years after that, an Instagram account was created for the personal challenge of doodling daily mugs with witty sayings on them. He quickly forgot about it.

Later that summer of 2018, he moved his digital media studio to an office location right above the best coffee shop in town.

The inspiration was great, as was the coffee. It wasn’t long before the Instagram drawings started up again and as the months went on they evolved into something resembling an actual comic.

The Name

The name Pop Coffee Comics refers to the popularity of coffee in modern culture, but also is a nod to the carefully honed artistic approach which started with a monochrome “coffee-stain” palette and eventually progressed to incorporate “pops” of color. These days, the comic features more colors than ever, but every piece starts with the original palette which gives Pop Coffee Comics its unique aesthetic.

The Art Style

The art style of the comic is largely influenced by shows like Adventure Time and Hilda, Laika movies, and a host of Japanese anime. Beyond that, comes from a blend of so many other inspirations: the ambience of a bustling independent coffee shop in Portland, Oregon, the experience of making a quality pour-over, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. All the good feelings that are synonymous with coffee culture are the fuel that inspires everything from color choices to jokes.

The Coffee Multiverse

Much like coffee, the comic is diverse in both form and flavor. Instead of sticking to a constant template with regular characters, Pop Coffee Comics prefers to explore a variety of creative approaches. It’s all coffee-inspired, but the jokes and concepts range from adorable to absurd, all the while trying to maintain a level of light-heartedness befitting of coffee-related media.

Pop Coffee Comics is at heart a comic about parallel universes where Coffee Cups can talk. You never know where you’re going to end up next… all you know is, wherever you DO end up, there WILL be coffee.

The Artist

Shawn Joseph

Shawn is an illustrator/multi-media production junky from Oregon. He loves coffee and all things creative/design, and that tells you about all you need to know about Shawn.

But since you're still reading, he uses (and swears by) Procreate/iPad Pro for most all of his illustration work. He's sort of obsessed with bees, cameras, and sample-based music production.